a little about me


Hey! It's me, Theresa, the creator of Joyberry Press.

I currently live in a gorgeous little Boston suburb, but Ohio is where I have roots. I teach high school physics and coding by day and at night my artistic alter-ego is able to flourish. Has anyone come up with a way to only sleep four hours and still feel great? If so, please help a girl out!

There are many things that bring me joy. I love baking fresh bread, visiting donut shops and science museums in new cities, getting psyched for Christmas six months early, eating as many sweets as my heart desires (I've never felt guilty about calories, it's a blessing and a curse), and snuggling up with my cat, Sir Thomas The Chubbers or El Gato Diablo, depending on his mood.


I'm still finding my way. Not sure I will ever find it based on how quickly I like to take up new hobbies, but the journey is supposed to be the best part, right? When I am writing this I love the structure of geometric patterns and the flexibility of watercolor textures. If you want to know what I currently exploring, my Instagram is probably my most reliable source.

Remember to never take yourself too seriously and be confident in your experience. Happy creating!

how I got here

Growing up, I always loved being craftsy. As a kid I could color for hours at my coloring table and in high school I was known for creating my own Christmas cards to put in friend's lockers. I've always loved creating, but I am very much a type A creative.

Flash forward to two years out of college and I was mesmerized with calligraphers that I saw on Instagram. I decided to try my hand at calligraphy. With the help of The Postman Knocks I downloaded her Amy style worksheets, ordered the supplies, and off I went. To be good at calligraphy you need to practice making the same motions over and over and over and over again. I may be type A, but I am not patient. Calligraphy was fun, but I never practiced enough to feel confident.


I then fell in love with watercolors. I loved to focus on blending colors with a wet on wet technique, adding salt to create texture, and mixing colors to create new colors. It seemed really hard to mess up, which was very encouraging for me as a beginner!

Much to my husband's dismay, I tend to go from one hobby to the next. Watercolor has persisted since I started over a year ago, but I've also dabbled in creating geometric designs on my iPad and incorporating them into laser cut paper cards and posters, designing acrylic laser cut jewelry, and I just started dabbling in book binding.

In the past few years I've spent a lot of money at Dick Blick, I've made the signs for two of my friends weddings, I post regularly to an Instagram that I created to document my journey, I started my own Etsy and Society6 pages, and when a friend at our Makerspace asked if I was an artist, I hesitated and said yes. (Still feels weird.)