Encourage Creative Growth with a Month of Creative Prompts

Every feel like you are in a creative rut? Or starting your journey, but not quite sure where to actually start? Instagram creative challenges can be an awesome place to start. They are filled with prompts to get your creative mind thinking and creative hands moving. In this blog post I share some of my work and some of my favorite challenges.

My 3 Favorite Precision Exercises

Painting straight lines and leaving an even amount of white space between color can be really challenging. These three exercises are my favorite way to practice the skill of precision while watercoloring. These drills can expand your painting skills and they are gorgeous! A win-win!

Top 6 Favorite Skillshare Teachers

Skillshare is the new Netflix. (At least in my opinion!) Check out this blogpost for my favorite Skillshare teachers. Learn how to watercolor gorgeous textures, new watercolor techniques and drills, tap into your creativity, and sooo much more. There is also a link in the post for two months free!

Watercolor Donut Tutorial

The joy of breakfast food is a staple of my overall hapiness and wellbeing. Donuts are one of my favorite foods. Makes sense that we should watercolor some sprinkled donuts. Next, the brown butter hazelnut donut from Union Square Donuts in Boston. Yum!

Watercolor Palette Prep

The endless color selection of tube watercolor paints makes them so enticing, but carrying them around can be a little too much sometimes. Learn how to put your favorite colors into your own watercolor palette here!

Color Wheel Tutorial

Turns out you only need three colors to create all the colors. Check out this blog post on how to make a traditional color wheel!

Advanced Watercolor Supplies

Curious in some more supplies that you could use to deepen your watercolor practice? Read further for some of my more advanced supplies!

Beginner Watercolor Supplies

Want to start watercolor, but a little lost on where to start? Check out this blog post!

Beginner Watercolor Agate Tutorial

Looking for a quick fun watercolor project? This blog post walks you through how to watercolor a simple agate.