Encourage Creative Growth with a Month of Creative Prompts

With the start of the school year, I always find myself a little overwhelmed. The start of the year always comes with dozens of little things that I always feel like I am dramatically trying to keep within arms reach without forgetting. I am typically busy and I always trick myself into thinking that I can function like a normal human being on only 6 hours of sleep.

With this busy schedule, I rarely find that I have time to work on creative things. So when I found a new Instagram creative challenge, I really did push myself to stay on top of the challenge and paint every night (or work ahead if I could).

I've done a few creative instagram challenges before. If you've never seen them before, someone will post a schedule for a month where every day or every other day you post your creative take on the prompt. They usually range in all different mediums.

Through these challenges I've really pushed myself and took some risks creatively that I would have otherwise not taken. They are a great way to also get yourself out of a creative rut. After a challenge I usually have a ton of creative ideas that I can't wait to jump on.

The challenge that I am currently doing is from Melissa Doty's Instagram. Melissa does her work in a series of small squares. For her challenge you simply just follow the prompt and create in a small square, thus the name Mel's Square-A-Thon, and her hashtag #MelsSAT.

Last summer when I really started to paint with watercolors, I fell in love with #PaintingPrettyPatterns challenges. The above prompt is the first prompt they ever did. I loved the simplicity and openness of the challenge and how it encouraged geometric patterns and shapes (my favorite!).

Here is a little throw back to some of my work from the challenge! I'm pretty sure this was for the triangle prompt

They also did a second month.

And a Halloween theme for October.

And a Christmas theme for December.

These prompts/challenges were technically done last year, but that doesn't mean you can't follow them again for this year! I wasn't able to do the Christmas challenge last year, but with my love of watercolors and the holiday season, I think I'm going to encourage myself to tackle it this year!

If you have any favorite Instagram creative challenges, please comment below! I am always looking for something new to work on!

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