My Top 6 Favorite Skillshare Teachers

(in no particular order)


The one thing that has really encouraged me throughout my creative process is the help of different resources. What kind of supplies should I buy? What are liquid watercolors? How can I draw straighter lines? How can I paint flowers? How do lettering artists position their words so perfectly?

Whenever I want to tackle something new or learn more, one of my first resources is Skillshare. This is my new Netflix. I even download videos to watch while I am traveling. A three hour plane ride goes by much quicker if you have fun videos and something new to learn!

In this blog post I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite teachers and classes. I also can give you access to two free months of Skillshare with my referral code! You can sign up for two months just to check it out or watch a particular class and if you decide it's not for you, you can cancel and you won't be charged.Just click here to sign up! I have the annual membership because I utilize it so much! There are also new classes posted weekly, so their content continues to grow!

As a little disclaimer, all of the photos used in this post are directly from Skillshare. I wanted to showcase my favorite classes and the work of the artists. Feel free to click the links to go directly to their Skillshare pages or to a specific class of theirs!

Ana Victoria Calderon

AVC Photo

some of her work

AVC Work

some of her classes

AVC Classes

Who: Ana Victoria Calderon
Skill: Watercolor
Favorite Class: Watercolor Textures

Ana Victoria Calderon was one of the first Skillshare teachers that I fell in love with. Ana is a watercolor artist and her videos are incredibly thorough and encouraging. She has a video that just goes over different watercolor supplies, another video on mixing and choosing color combinations, one on watercoloring gems and jewelry, and lots of other videos to get lost in. My favorite class of hers is her Watercolor Textures class. She reviews how to create different patterns and her creative process when she comes up with the patterns. She is incredible!

Cat Coquillette

CC Photo

some of her work

CC Work

some of her classes

CC Classes

Who: Cat Coquillette
Skill: Watercolor, Selling Prints, social media
Favorite Class: Modern Watercolor Techniques

Cat Coquillette is absolutely on trend. She knows exactly what colors to use, what kinds of paintings and images are popular, and how to make things pop. She lives the most awesome nomadic lifestyle, where she literally is constantly traveling around the world. She makes a living by selling her art on print on demand sites. She has a few Skillshare classes about watercoloring, selling on print on demand sites, and her newest class is about Instagram and social media. My favorite class of hers is Modern Watercolor Techniques. This is a great video if you are new to watercoloring. She demonstrates different techniques and color mixing.

Peggy Dean

PD Photo

some of her work

PD Work

some of her classes

PD Classes

Who: Peggy Dean from The Pigeon Letters
Skill: Watercolor, Lettering, Floral Illustration
Favorite Class: Find Your Creative Style: An Exploration Through Floral Techniques

Peggy Dean is well known for her book, Botanical Line Drawing, but she has a wide range of classes on her Skillshare page: lettering, iPad, drawing, watercolor, and a bunch of others. Her classes are easily accessible to any artist and she is incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic for learning different ways to be creative. My favorite class of her's, Find Your Creative Style, walks you through a few different exercises that you can do to expand and explore your style a bit more. I found that with her guidance I was able to be a lot more creative and lose with my process than expected! She also is expanding into her own lines of watercolor paints with Daniel Smith, watercolor brushes, and waterproof pens. She is an absolute boss when it comes to the creative world.

Sandra Bowers

SB Photo

some of her work

SB Work

some of her classes

SB Classes

Who: Sandra Bowers
Skill: Illustration with watercolors, iPad, and other mediums
Favorite Class: Watercolor for Illustrators

Sandra Bowers creates gorgeous whimsical illustrations with some of the cutest little animals that I've ever seen. She does a good job going over supplies and different techniques to create similar illustrations and to learn more about different mediums as well. She has a ton of fun classes, like how to add gold leaf to paintings, pen and ink florals, and a few classes about using an iPad to create illustrations. My favorite class of her's is Watercolor for Illustrators, where she reviews how to paint one of her whimsical little animals.

Keren Duchan

KD Photo

some of her work

KD Work

some of her classes

KD Classes

Who: Keren Duchan
Skill: watercolor, ink, and doodles
Favorite Class: Watercolor Fundamentals: Water Control and Shape

Keren's class on Watercolor Fundamentals really made me think about how I can use different techniques and drills of watercoloring to improve my line quality and control. Her class really encouraged me to branch out and create a tiled design that I love to create! It's full of great exercises to warm up with or just refine your skills.

Julia Bausenhardt

JB Photo

some of her work

JB Work

some of her classes

JB Classes

Who: Julia Bausenhardt
Skill: Illustration with Watercolor and Gouache
Favorite Class: Paint Everyday Objects in Gouache

Julia Bausenhardt has a few great classes that can get your wheels turning on creating actual objects instead of just flowers and lines. She uses watercolor and gouache (rhymes with squash and is an opaque watercolor). Her illustrations are adorably gorgeous and remind me of folk art. She breaks down painting food, flowers, birds, butterflies, and everyday kitchen goods in some of her classes. Definitely worth checking out! My favorite class of her's is Paint Everyday Objects in Gouache. The little kitchen objects that she paints are so cute and very approachable for beginningers!

Any Suggestions?

I can absolutely get lost down the Skillshare rabit hole. Do you have any suggestions for classes that I should check out? If so, please leave a comment below! Happy creating!

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